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A Specialist in both Commercial and Domestic Construction and Plumbing, ATW offers outstanding workmanship and excellent service.

With hands-on management and an emphasis on professionalism, we accomplish our mission of providing optimal customer satisfaction and unrivaled results.

Who we are


Established in 2007, ATW Construction has positioned itself as a world-class industry leader in the domestic and commercial construction and maintenance sector. Superior-quality workmanship and  strategic associations with key players in construction afford

ATW the competitive edge while also allowing us to present our clients with top-of-the-range services, reflecting the latest industry developments and best practices.

With hands-on management and an emphasis on professionalism, we accomplish our mission of providing optimal customer satisfaction and unrivaled results. Our goal is to add value to your construction projects by applying our extensive experience and industry knowledge through our comprehensive range of services.

Whether your needs lie in construction, plumbing, electrical or maintenance, ATW Construction has your solution.

Our Services


ATW’s dedicated construction team are experts in the building and assembling of infrastructure. We assist our clients to achieve their vision by managing processes proficiently, ensuring the safety of construction sites, and utilising reliable, first-rate materials. Our proactive management approach ensures that our construction projects run smoothly from start to completion.


ATW Construction provides for the installation of fire hose reels, fire hydrant valves, and fittings. We consider it our responsibility to provide the best in fire equipment and protection to ensure the safety of clients and their personnel 


ATW Construction offers both commercial and residential renovations. Renovations refer to the process of improving a structure. These improvements revive and strengthen buildings and serve to update an existing property. Renovations may act as a means of restoring a building’s structural integrity.


ATW’s core drilling involves the use of a drill bit to cut or enlarge holes in solid materials. Our drill bit is a multipoint, end-cutting tool that cuts as a result of the application of pressure and rotation to the workpiece. We ensure quality production by ensuring regular maintenance and supervision of our core drilling equipment and practices.


ATW’s electricians are specialised in the manufacture, construction, installation, testing, maintenance, repairs, alterations, removal and replacement of electrical equipment. ATW’s electrical experts assist with electrical work promptly and with safety as a top priority. In addition to professional service, our electrical technicians are knowledgeable, skilled and committed to customer service.


ATW provides for all your roofing needs with roof planning, installation and repairs. Our workmanship is guaranteed and we offer roofing solutions suitable for all project budgets. ATW also specialises in tiling. We provide tiling services and tiling project management, and take pride in our detail-oriented and qualified team.


ATW install & repair water supply pipes, tubing & plumbing fixtures for drinking water systems and waste drainage systems. We offer: stormwater systems, high-pressure jet cleaning of drains and pipes, CCTV drain camera inspections, cleaning of storm drains, booster pumps for high-rise buildings, and the installation, maintenance of galvanised water mains and leak detection.


ATW Construction supplies, commissions and maintains fire mains. ATW connects the public water supply to an end point in the designated building through a water service pipe. In addition, we can also install fire equipment connecting to the fire main.


ATW Construction offers the latest innovative and environmentally friendly technology in pipe repair and lining. Known as trenchless repair, old pipes (or their remnants) are left in place while a new pipe is simply formed or pulled inside. With no need to excavate, trenchless relining usually gives clients a more cost effective and convenient solution


Damaged stormwater systems may cause marshy soil conditions and other drainage problems. ATW Construction assists with the repair and installation of storm water systems to drain excess rainwater and prevent water damage.


Waterproofing is essential for most structures as it prevents water from entering and damaging structural areas of a building. Garages, carports, walls, and roofs are structural areas that come into contact with water and need to be waterproofed. ATW Construction offers clients customised solutions for their waterproofing needs, ensuring value for money and an exceptional standard of work.


ATW Construction specialises in construction, maintenance; plumbing and electrical, and caters for projects of all sizes in building and maintenance. In addition, we install storm water systems, diesel lines and galvanised supply lines

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